The New Work Force

Aubrey Wood is a web designer in Northwest Arkansas, and owner of Websites by Aubrey. She is one of the creative thinkers in our area who is part of the growing trend of independent, self-employed or freelance professionals that make up the new work force. According to Wood, “I love art. I love design. And people were already asking me to do their websites,” so she decided to make a career of it.

As her business has grown, Wood has noticed a few differences between traditional employment and being self-employed. One of the biggest challenges for her has been the way that she thinks about money, and how she values her time. Every hour on the clock counts when you are self-employed and supporting yourself by the work that you complete. Wood says there has been a real struggle between maintaining her pricing standards and wanting to discount her work to help her clients save money. “Be careful with that. You’ll put yourself out of business,” she warns.

Not only is Wood part of the freelance worker community, but she’s about to become part of another new trend in utilizing collaborative work space. She will be leaving her home office to join others in a shared space working environment at The Gallery on Fourth in Bentonville. “Renting the work space just made so much sense for me. I’m so excited that I made that decision,” she adds. One major reason for her decision to share work space is the fact that Wood is about to embark on a move to the popular homesteading lifestyle, which will have her living off the grid, likely without internet access or other modern business necessities.

Wood is very reflective of her business goals for the future. Since web design, as with any work involving the internet, is a fast-changing field, it’s hard to predict what the future will look like. Wood plans to maintain her current business format, while adapting to the changing needs of the role of business owner.
Aubrey Wood is the owner of Websites by Aubrey, at

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