The New Work Force



The New Work Force will be a series covering the recent trend of workers in America as we worked our way through the largest economic downturn since the Great Depression. This lead to people seeking new ways to earn a living while supporting the life they wanted to live. People began seeing the value of freelancing. Last year an estimated 34% of the American workforce were freelancers or solo entrepreneurs and that number is projected to climb to 43% in the next 3 years.

Backstory 49 will share the stories of these people, the places they work and what they are doing to sustain their preferred work life balance. This new approach to work gives people an opportunity to be their own boss and engage on their terms. This has proven to be very attractive to those now entering the workforce.

One of the challenges in finding success as a freelancer or solo entrepreneur is finding your own clients. This can be a challenge for some, which leads us to the next trend in America. The shared work places that encourage networking and peer sharing. Office spaces across the country, in like The Gallery on Fourth in Bentonville, AR are there to meet the need of this new workforce. It’s been proven that social media alone isn’t enough to sustain your networking goals. You must attend meet ups, market your brand like a larger company, maintain relationships with past clients, and establish a referral network. Shared work spaces can be a great asset to freelancers and solo entrepreneurs in accomplishing these goals. They can provide the new work force with a professional space at a fraction of the costs. Giving them amenities normally reserved for small to medium businesses.

Join us on this journey as we follow the New Work Force in America one story at a time…