Coaching Isn’t Just for Sports

You could say that Alison Nail Malone is a people person, and you would be right. For 20 years, Malone has thrived in the business of connecting employers with desirable candidates for employment. She is now the owner and founder of Malone Consultants Group, but looks back fondly on the early days of her career. She explains that she got into the human resources and corporate recruiting field “totally by accident,” when she walked into a staffing agency and was put to work covering the recruiters’ desks. “I really found a passion for helping people,” she says of the recruitment process.

The time she spent working in corporate recruiting led Malone to venture into other business services like resume writing, training and executive coaching. “Recruiting created the path for me to coach people and help them get set up for success from day one in their careers,” she says. All of her experiences morphed together into a career for Malone, who has owned her business for 10 years. Malone has most recently focused her work on executive and senior level coaching, with an advertising firm as her partner. She trains corporate leaders on moving their business forward, with a focus on empowering employees. “I work with companies that really want to have a place for empowered employees, and for employees that want to feel empowered,” she explains.

With the steady growth of her coaching practice, Malone saw the need to have her own dedicated workspace, and has found that in The Gallery on Fourth in downtown Bentonville. She is excited about having her own space, but also a place to collaborate with other people. “I needed a space dedicated to the coaching business that I have today,” she says.

In looking ahead for her business, Malone plans to better streamline all of her services under one roof. She also plans to continue to work with many of her partners from the past to maintain her clientele, with a strong focus on communication, career development and personal and professional development. Malone is clearly enthusiastic about helping an individual find professional success. She believes that purposeful training can help to create opportunities for impactful changes in the world of business. She adds, “If I get to be a part of that change, that’s where I see my fit for that.”

Malone enjoys helping people and feels like it is part of her purpose in life. In fact, Malone says she was led to start her own consulting business because people always asked for her advice about everything from writing a resume to interviewing. “And I love to give advice,” she says with a laugh. As more people began asking for her assistance, she decided to take the leap into business ownership. “It’s been a really natural process,” she adds. Malone hopes that one day she will be able to train others to do what she is doing, because she knows that her passion for recruiting and training could help others. “I know there are people out there who would love to do what I do, but maybe they don’t know where to start. I would love to inspire and lead those people,” she says.

In the meantime, you can find Malone at her desk located at The Gallery on Fourth. “It’s been really amazing,” she declares of her experience of sharing collaborative office space with other professionals. She enjoys being around other people, while having her own designated space for thinking and business strategy. “Sometimes you need a place to think to be able to keep moving forward and think innovatively. Having conversations with people who aren’t even in the same industry as I am really inspires me,” she adds.

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